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Health and Wellbeing Assessments

Health & Wellbeing Assessments


ScreenU Alcohol, Cannabis, and Prescription Drug (Rx) Use Assessments

These three assessments are very brief (3-5 minutes to complete on a computer, laptop or mobile device) and offer immediate, personalized feedback.

The results are completely anonymous, but you may choose to save or print them to discuss with a medical provider, counselor, or health educator. These assessments can help you to identify any negative consequences to your alcohol and/or drug use and utilizes your responses to offer feedback and information about your use and ways to stay safer.

Each of these assessments offers more awareness about your use, can help answer questions about the likely negative outcomes from your use, and connect you with resources to help—wherever you are on your journey. Take them as many times as you would like to monitor your use. Each of these assessments maintains that you are the expert on you but, offers information to help you make educated and informed decisions.


Alcohol Assessment          Prescription Drug Assessment            Cannabis Assessment 


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