The Educational Resources On Sexuality (EROS) team offers an array of services such as presentations and consultations, as well as events on topics covering sexual and relational health. Our goal is to provide our community with valuable information in a professional work environment and to provide a program that benefits the larger campus community. We are pre-professionals that are highly educated and trained to best guide you with birth control choices and relevant safe-sex practices, educate you about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and help inform you to make healthy decisions about sex, dating, and relationships.


Even amidst a pandemic, sexual health is still important! During the 2020-2021 school year, we will be happy to provide presentations over Zoom

Consultations: Private individual or couple consultations with a peer wellness educator to help guide students towards healthy decisions.

Events: Virtual presentations, by request, to groups addressing the following topics:

Topics Include:

  • Contraception Choices  

  • Healthy Relationships 

  • Safe-Sex Practices 

  • Sexuality  

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections 

  • Pregnancy Choices 

EROS ensures that the campus community has access to condoms free of charge. During the 2020-2021 school year, the health center will be offering condoms. Additionally, Housing provides condoms to on-campus residents through Resident Advisors.

Everyone has a different background in sex education- we are here to help you no matter where you’re at! This a judgment free space, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

EROS Events

Sexually Transmitted Infections Awareness Month

Every April, we participate in STI Awareness Month to bring educational resources to the community.

Freaky Fall

PULSE's annual Fall quarter event that takes place around Halloween. Through social media, we are providing ideas for safe sex practices and education on the "scariest" STIs on our campus.

Love Carefully

PULSE's annual Winter quarter event that takes place around Valentine's Day. This year we will be providing virtual interactive activities about love, sex, and sexuality.

31 Days of Wellness

PULSE's annual Spring quarter event takes place from May 1st-31st. Past events have included an interactive-question wheel with topics focused on contraception and healthy relationships.


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To stay up to date with EROS events, please visit the Campus Health and Wellbeing Calendar of Events.

Or visit our Instagram @CalPolyPULSE

If you are interested in collaborating or need assistance in programming, please contact our team leads, Holly Davis ( or Elisa Gonzalez (


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