21st Century Cures Act

Important changes to your Health and Counseling Portal


Starting July 1, 2023, as part of compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act, Campus Health & Wellbeing will allow student patients access to portions of their electronic health information via the Health & Counseling Portal. Medical records with a date of service of July 1, 2023 and forward will become available. However, certain exceptions apply to the release of electronic health records under this law. Please refer to ONC’s website for additional information.

Patient Portal Services

  • Access your health information
  • Complete, submit, and print forms
  • Schedule and cancel certain appointments
  • Receive secure message
  • Submit, view, and print immunization records

What is included in your health information “My Chart” on your Health and Counseling portal?

  • Office or teleheatlh visit notes written by your medical or counseling provider; including medical conditions, symptoms, and any relevant diagnoses.
  • Lab results and diagnostic imaging. (Lab results that will not be included are HIV, hepatitis antigens, and malignant pathologies by CMIA laws.)
  • Immunizations records
  • Outbound referrals

If students need additional documentation not provided through the portal, they can complete a Release of Information found on the website or front desk.

If you have questions or concerns about this, please contact Health Services Health Information office at (805) 756-5293 or Counseling Services at (805) 756-2511. Our staff will talk with you to review what records are published on the health portal, provide education on options of changing password to health portal, discuss medical or counseling options, and share about how to request privacy of protected health information via Health & Counseling Portal.

21st Century Cures Act Information

The Cures Act is a Federal law (passed in 2016 with bi-partisan support) that requires healthcare providers to give patients/clients access to their electronic health information (EHI) without charge and “without delay.” It is intended to reduce barriers to access clinical records when they are housed in electronic health record systems with a patient portal and specifies that clinical notes are among EHI that must not be blocked. This act was designed to empower patients with easy access to their clinical notes, increase transparency and communication/sharing of information, and prioritize ease of access to records through the use of technology.

Cal Poly Portal Share My Information Option

If parents, supporters, or other people need access to your account to pay a bill, be aware of your financial aid awards, or have access to other information, consider using the Share My Information option in the Cal Poly Portal to share limited portal access. From the Cal Poly Portal, click on Money Matters, and then follow the instructions in the Share My Information section

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