Alison Aylward

Alison Aylward, Ph.D., Eating Disorders Treatment Coordinator & Data Specialist  


  • California Licensed Psychologist PSY27807
  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Miami
  • M.A., Social Psychology, University of Hawaii, Manoa
  • B.A., Psychology, University of Colorado, Boulder

Pronouns: She/Her

Specializes in:

  • Eating Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Relationships
  • Grief

Fun Facts:

I love surfing and sandwiches!



Dr. Aylward has worked in various clinical settings including university counseling centers, outpatient community clinics, an anxiety clinic, and a residential treatment center for eating disorders.  Dr. Aylward treats a broad range of mental health concerns while also specializing in anxiety, eating-related concerns, relationship issues, and grief.  She has created treatment programs for individuals with eating disorders and adults grieving the death of a loved one.  Her research interests include applying evolutionary psychology to clinical topics, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, and general psychology topics, such as mimicry and love.

With regards to therapy, Dr. Aylward works with a variety of emotional, psychological, relational, identity, and other general life concerns.  She strives to help those who feel stuck to move towards greater insight and psychological flexibility; to have more meaningful relationships and self-compassion; and to take actions that lead to a more fulfilling life.  This sense of being "stuck" can take many forms including, but not limited to, overwhelming feelings of anxiety and/or depression, body image concerns, fears of being judged by others, a sense of meaninglessness, uncertainty about a relationship, conflict about one's identity, or a pattern of difficulty with closeness.  For those seeking bereavement counseling, she hopes to help make sense of the grief process and allow a safe space to experience and share the different emotions that arise when grieving.

Dr. Aylward's approach to treatment integrates depth- and insight-oriented approaches with cognitive-behavioral approaches influenced by Buddhist psychology.  She believes the therapeutic relationship is the platform for healing, growth and a context for learning about broader patterns of relating.  Her goal is to create a safe space for clients to share personal feelings, thoughts, memories, and other vulnerabilities to the extent that they are ready and willing.  Dr. Aylward focuses on creating awareness of unconscious processes, many of which results from our early life experiences.  With this awareness, it is then possible to make intentional choices that move us in the direction of fulfillment, despite the difficult thoughts and emotions that often urge us to do otherwise.  Overall, she feels honored to be a compassionate witness and companion in someone's journey towards more self-love and a meaningful life.

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