Conrad Mendoza

Conrad Mendoza, MS, LMFT Early Intervention Specialist



  • California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 53536
  •  BA, Physical Education, Cal Poly SLO, CA
  • MS, Psychology, Cal Poly SLO, San Luis Obispo, CA

Pronouns: He/him/His

Specializes in:

  • Depression/ anxiety
  • Underrepresented, marginalized, BIPOC, LGBTQ
  • Interpersonal conflict/issues
  • First-generation college student concerns

Fun Facts:

I am a fan of live theatre, especially musical theatre and have performed in a few shows.  I have several dogs and believe they have wonderful healing power.  I also enjoy cooking and baking. I listen to audible books on many topics, and the part of my life I like the best is being a father. 



Conrad has worked in a variety of settings with culturally and socioeconomically diverse populations. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in physical education and master’s degree in psychology at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He has provided health and reproductive health counseling.  Worked with individuals newly diagnosed and living with HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C. Providing counseling to English and Spanish speakers. 
For the last 12 years he has worked for the County of San Luis Obispo providing therapy services to a diverse population of clients including children, adolescents, young adults, adults, and senior citizens.  He has provided individual, couples, and family therapy. he has worked with people who live with persistent and severe mental illness.  He is bilingual and bicultural and has worked with Spanish speaking families, couples, and individuals. 
This experience allowed him to work with individuals living with depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosis, and substance use. He has experience working with individuals from the LGBTQ+ community. Due to his experience, he is familiar collaborating with multi-interdisciplinary teams and approaching treatment from a holistic perspective.
 Conrad is eclectic in his providing of therapy, taking from different modalities to provide the student the help they need.  He sees the student as a whole person including their history, and present life experiences to support them on their journey.  He understands the complexities of being bicultural and living in one culture within your home and another outside of your home and appreciates an understanding of one’s family of origin.  He works to meet students where they are coming from without judgement and unconditional support. Conrad feels passionate about working with first generation college and BIPOC students.

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