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Welcome to Our Laboratory

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The Campus Health & Wellbeing laboratory offers lab testing as a service to enrolled students and is located in building 27 (the Health Center). Additionally, the lab offers comprehensive lab tests at a minimal cost through our reference laboratory, Quest Diagnostics

The Clinical Laboratory staff is comprised of licensed clinical laboratory scientists and certified phlebotomy technicians, all are licensed by the State of California. 

Lab Orders 

Laboratory tests must be ordered by a CH&W healthcare provider.  When you meet with the provider, they will evaluate your health needs to determine your care and will order appropriate lab tests if needed.  Follow your medical provider's instructions regarding your lab orders. 

Private Physician Lab Orders are ‘outside’ lab orders from your personal physician (NOT associated with CH&W).  As a convenience to you while enrolled at Cal Poly, the Campus Health & Wellbeing laboratory processes these orders.  CH&W lab will collect the samples and courier them to Quest Diagnostics (CH&W’s contracted reference lab) who will test and provide the results to the ordering provider.   

Private Physician Lab Order Steps:


  1. No appointment is needed.  Check-in at the CH&W laboratory. 
  2. If your provider asks you to fast before having your blood drawn, do not eat for 12 hours.  No coffee, tea, or juice.  You may have water only.   
  3. Bring your student ID card 
  4. Bring your health insurance card (if insured).   
  5. Provide a copy of your lab order OR your physician can directly fax the order to the CH&W laboratory.  CH&W Lab Fax # 805-756-5416 
  6. CH&W Laboratory staff will process your order and collect the required samples. 
  7. A $3 handling fee is applied to your student account 
  8. Lab tests are performed by Quest Diagnostics (CH&W’s contracted reference lab). 
  9. The ordering provider will receive the results via the fax number provided on the order.  Cal Poly CH&W does not receive the lab results. 


Plan ahead!  If your labs are required for a future doctor appointment, we suggest a lead time of 5 days prior to your appointment.  Typically, lab results take 3-5 days.    


Billing Information- Private Physician Lab Orders 

Quest Diagnostics will bill your insurance if your insurance plan is accepted by Quest Diagnostics. For insurance billing questions please visit the Quest website and use the Health Plan Lookup tool to determine if Quest Diagnostics is an in-network provider with your insurance plan. 

If your doctor has not received your lab results please contact Quest directly at:  

866-MYQUEST (866-697-8378) or contact Quest online.   

For any other questions concerning current pricing, billing, or additional information, contact Quest through their website


Fasting Instructions 

If your provider asks you to fast before having your blood drawn, do not eat for 12 hours. You may have water only. No juice, coffee, or tea. 

Lab Results 

Results can take anywhere from a half-hour to a week or more, depending on the test.  Your result will be available as a secure message on your  Health & Counseling Portal or your provider will contact you by a phone call.  Lab personnel does not report lab results. 

Paper Copies of Test Results 
If you need a paper copy of your results, please call 805-756-1211 for assistance. 


  • The Campus Health & Wellbeing Laboratory offers lab testing as a service to enrolled students.  The cost is covered by the Health Services Fee included as a part of tuition. 
  • Fees (discounted rate) for Reference laboratory tests are applied to your student account. Additionally, there is a $3 handling fee. 
  • Charges on your account will NOT list specific reasons for the visit/test.  

Laboratory Credentials 

The Campus Health & Wellbeing Laboratory is licensed by the State of California and accredited by COLA and CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). We are a high complexity CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendment) certified facility. The testing performance of the lab is monitored by the American Proficiency Institute’s (API) testing program.  The laboratory has been awarded the highest commendation by COLA, The Laboratory Excellence Award for “Outstanding performance in quality patient testing and overall exemplary application of the principles of laboratory practices.” 

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