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Health Education

Health education is a social science that draws from the biological, environmental, psychological, physical and medical sciences to promote health and prevent disease, disability and premature death through education-driven voluntary behavior change activities. At Cal Poly, our Health Educators support the development of individual, group, institutional, community and systemic strategies to improve health knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors of the Cal Poly community. Our purpose is to positively influence the health behavior of individuals and communities as well as the living and working conditions that influence a person’s health. We advance community health by leading the following efforts on our campus:

  • Promotion of pro-social health & wellness behaviors.
  • Design, develop and administer evidence-based prevention programs.
  • Conduct comprehensive health outreach campaigns & programs.
  • Advocate and steward policy efforts to promote lasting wellness.

Our Programs

Health Education

General Health Outreach Prevention Education

Professional Presentation Requests

Faculty, staff, and the campus community can request an educational presentation by one of Health Educators. Submit a presentation request by filling out the Presentation Request Form. Your completed form will be sent to the wellbeing services email at


Peers Understanding, Listening, Supporting, Educating (PULSE) is a nationally awarded Peer Health Education program that supports the health and wellbeing of all Cal Poly students. The program is comprised of five teams, each dedicated to a specific area of education: Sexual Wellbeing (EROS), Mental Wellbeing (REAL), Nutrition and Fitness (HEAT), Wellness Promotion (POW), and Alcohol & Cannabis and Other Drug Education (ACOD). Every student volunteer is professionally trained and a Certified Peer Educator through NASPA. 

Our mission

PULSE is a collaborative effort among student-led teams that each serve an active role in seeking to achieve a balanced, thriving campus at Cal Poly. We strive to promote healthy lifestyle management through an intersectional lens by empowering students with knowledge, skills, and resources to achieve holistic well-being for themselves and their community. Our primary goal is to develop programming that is fun, safe, supportive, interactive, and educational that reaches the entire campus community regardless of background or identity.

Collaborate with Us

Faculty, staff, and the campus community can request an educational presentation by one of our peer-led teams during the academic school year. Submit a presentation request by filling out the Presentation Request Form. Your completed form will be sent to the wellbeing services email at Contact us!

Our Teams





Submit a Presentation Request

Faculty, staff, and the campus community can request an educational presentation by one of our teams during the academic school year. 

You are also welcome to call, email, or stop by our office within the lower level of the Health Center (27-10) with any questions.

Submit a Presentation Request by filling out the Presentation Request Form.

Your completed form will be sent to the wellbeing email at 



Make an appointment with a PULSE Coach

Interested in speaking with a peer? Schedule a 1:1 consultation today with one of our trained peer coaches.

Make an Appointment with a Peer Coach here!


Be a part of the team!

PULSE, under Campus Health & Wellbeing department within Student Affairs, promotes healthy behaviors and wellness among all members of the Cal Poly community. PULSE Peer Educators and Peer Coaches are volunteers (unpaid) that receive training to become nationally certified Peer Educators. They are involved in a five-quarter track program beginning in Spring 2021, followed by four-quarters of hands-on health education and health promotion experience. PULSE consist of topic-specific workshops, presentations, coaching sessions, and tabling outreach and education to the Cal Poly campus. The topics include:  

  • Physical Health (Nutrition Education, Physical Activity, & Body Positivity)  

  • Sexual Health (STI Education and Prevention, Safe Sex-Practices, & Healthy Relationships)  

  • Alcohol, Cannabis, and Other Drugs (Education & Prevention)  

  • Mental Wellbeing (Stress, Sleep, & Stigma)   

  • Recovery (Alcohol and Other Drugs Recovery and Support) 

  • Wellness Promotion (Immunizations, Safety, & On-Campus Outreach)

  • Campus Health & Wellbeing Resources 

Recruitment for PULSE Educators and Coaches occurs every Winter Quarter. Please check back here or follow-up with your questions to or call (805) 756-6181.

Enjoy navigating our site! We hope to see you in our office soon.

Engineering Wellness

Campus Health and Wellbeing has partnered with AmeriCorps CSU STEM VISTA to create Engineering Wellness programming to promote and aid in the health and wellness of our community.

Who we are: The Engineering Wellness Coordinator, Amy Albinus, is actively involved in the promotion of initiatives that aim to promote overall well-being and a community culture of resilience.

Our Mission: to generate an Engineering culture of physical and mental wellbeing, collaboration across campus, belonging, and resilience.

Our 2020-2021 Goals:


What is “wellness”?

Health care is all about treating illness, disease, or an injury after one becomes afflicted. On the contrary, wellness is about preventing it from happening in the first place. Wellness represents a shift toward encouraging preventive medicine, health risk reduction, and positive behaviors. It has an emphasis on early intervention to improve lifestyle before a serious health crisis occurs.


History of Engineering Wellness at Cal Poly 

In 2019, the first CSU STEM VISTA to be involved with Engineering Wellness, Christian Jenkins, began meeting with faculty and students at Cal Poly to listen to their needs and start the initial work building the infrastructure for more wellness messaging and programming within the College of Engineering at Cal Poly. Part of this groundwork included finding faculty on campus who were already doing this important work and connecting those individuals in order to form a stronger and united coalition that cares deeply about the protecting and nurturing the mental health of their students, as well as students’ academic success on campus. In 2020, Amy Albinus, the 2nd AmeriCorps VISTA in this role, began her work on campus picking up where Christian left off to organize and facilitate an Engineering Advisory Committee, which meets once per quarter to discuss student needs in CENG. This committee is a space to hear student voices, reflect on findings from emerging research and focus groups, and to bring passionate and interdisciplinary voices to addressing the widespread topic of mental health and wellness within the College of Engineering, especially during the COVID19 pandemic. 


Our Champions

We want to recognize the committed and devoted faculty who go above and beyond to not only teach their students, but who also remind students that their mental health is a priority, it’s okay to take breaks, and it’s okay to ask for help. Thank you to these outstanding individuals who have changed the lives of many Cal Poly students, in leading by example and promoting wellness on Cal Poly’s campus.


Dedicated Engineering Wellness Advisory Committee Faculty

Lauren Cooper, Mechanical Engineering

Andrew Danowitz, Electrical Engineering

Trevor Harding, Material Engineering

Lizabeth Schlemer, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Sarah Harding, Mechanical Engineering


Affiliated Clubs & Student Orgs

Multicultural Engineering Program

National Society of Black Engineers Cal Poly

Society of Women Engineers


Contact Us

Want to get you or your organization involved with the Engineering Wellness Program? Contact



Mustangs for Recovery

Mustangs for Recovery

At Mustangs for Recovery, we honor recovery from substance and behavioral addictions as both a noun and as a verb. It is both a return to wellness and a process of healing. As a program of Campus Health & Wellbeing, we exist to offer a safe and sober-friendly environment for students in recovery, seeking recovery, or those affected by the addiction of a friend or family member. Our purpose is to offer alternatives, support, community, and events geared toward students in recovery. We offer meetings based in both abstinence-only and harm-reduction models.


What we believe:

· Recovery is a process of the return to a state of health through the empowered reclamation of self.

· Recovery is a continued and incremental process of learning, growth, and healing; not a destination.

· Substance misuse happens for a variety of reasons and healing can happen in a variety of ways.

· Recovery is self-directed, inclusive of all identities, and specific to the humans it affects.

· It is through this process that we are empowered to reach our full potential together.

· Recovery is an act of radical self-love.


Mustangs for Recovery Education Grant

Thanks to the amazing generosity of the Henegar family, Mustangs for Recovery is excited to offer a grant for students in recovery, matriculating at Cal Poly. Funds are distributed quarterly and require that students who apply have a minimum of three months continued recovery from all identified substance addiction. Learn more about the grant application.

Winter 2021 Virtual Meetings


Summer 2021 Virtual Meetings

We will continue to facilitate the virtual hosting of the Students for Recovery AA Meeting throughout Summer 2021. Please check back in early fall for an updated list of meetings and events. Happy Summer! Please contact if you have questions about any of the meetings or Mustangs for Recovery.



AA meeting | Students for Recovery | 6:00 - 7:00 pm | Zoom ID: 967 5530 6374

Traditional AA meeting open to students and members of the community that have a desire to stop drinking. Format is a 15 minute speaker followed by topic discussion. Join us 30 minutes early for fellowship!


Other virtual and face-to-face meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the SLO area. In-person, virtual, and hybrid offerings.

Al-Anon Family Groups. Virtual support to family and friends of those with substance use issues.

Cocaine Anonymous. Online support and services.

LifeRing Secular Recovery. Online meetings.

In The Rooms Global Recovery Community- Online recovery meetings and support including 12-step, non 12-step, wellness, and mental health modalities.

Marijuana Anonymous. Meetings, chat rooms, and resources.

Central Coast Area Narcotics Anonymous.

Refuge Recovery. Non-theistic recovery based in Buddhist practices.

Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) Recovery. Mutual-support groups, forums, chat rooms, and comprehensive meeting list.

Unity Recovery + WEconnect + SOS Recovery + Alano Club. Daily virtual meetings supporting all paths to recovery.



Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @cprecovery

Kirsten Vinther,, 805.756.6619


How to get in touch with us


Alcohol and Cannabis and Other Drug Prevention Education

Professional Health Education for ACOD


Interested in speaking with a health educator about alcohol or cannabis use? Schedule a 1:1 BASICS/CASICS meeting today with one of our professional Health Educators.

Make a BASICS/CASICS appointment with a Health Educator!


Gender- and Power-based Violence Prevention Education

Professional Health Education for campus incidents of GPBV

Interested in speaking with a health educator about GPBV? Schedule a 1:1 meeting today with one of our professional Health Educators.

Make an appointment with a Health Educator!


General Health Outreach Prevention Education

Professional Presentation Requests

Faculty, staff, and the campus community can request an educational presentation by one of Health Educators. Submit a presentation request by filling out the Presentation Request Form. Your completed form will be sent to the wellbeing services email at


Peer Leadership Development

Campus Health & Wellbeing’s Peer Wellness Program provides invaluable learn by doing experience and professional leadership development to Cal Poly students.

Professional Health Educators serve as advisors and mentors, training peers to become NASPA Certified Peer Educators. For more information about our Peer Wellness Programs visit our website. Interested in having one of our Health Educators facilitate this training? Contact Us! 


Strategic Initiatives

  • Cal Poly’s Basics Needs Programs and Initiatives
  • Cal Poly Smoke & Tobacco Free Policy
  • COVID-19 Communications & Outreach


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