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Health education is a social science that draws from the biological, environmental, psychological, physical and medical sciences to promote health and prevent disease, disability and premature death through education-driven voluntary behavior change activities. At Cal Poly, our Health Educators support the development of individual, group, institutional, community and systemic strategies to improve health knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors of the Cal Poly community. Our purpose is to positively influence the health behavior of individuals and communities as well as the living and working conditions that influence a person’s health. We advance community health by leading the following efforts on our campus:

· Promotion of pro-social health & wellness behaviors.

· Design, develop and administer evidence-based prevention programs.

· Conduct comprehensive health outreach campaigns & programs.

· Advocate and steward policy efforts to promote lasting wellness.

We do this through the following programs:


Alcohol and Cannabis and Other Drug Prevention Education

Professional Health Education for ACOD


Interested in speaking with a health educator about alcohol or cannabis use? Schedule a 1:1 BASICS/CASICS meeting today with one of our professional Health Educators.

Make a BASICS/CASICS appointment with a Health Educator!


Gender- and Power-based Violence Prevention Education

Professional Health Education for campus incidents of GPBV

Interested in speaking with a health educator about GPBV? Schedule a 1:1 meeting today with one of our professional Health Educators.

Make an appointment with a Health Educator!


General Health Outreach Prevention Education

Professional Presentation Requests

Faculty, staff, and the campus community can request an educational presentation by one of Health Educators. Submit a presentation request by filling out the Presentation Request Form. Your completed form will be sent to the wellbeing services email at


Peer Leadership Development

Campus Health & Wellbeing’s Peer Wellness Program provides invaluable learn by doing experience and professional leadership development to Cal Poly students.

Professional Health Educators serve as advisors and mentors, training peers to become NASPA Certified Peer Educators. For more information about our Peer Wellness Programs visit our website. Interested in having one of our Health Educators facilitate this training? Contact Us! 


Strategic Initiatives

· Cal Poly’s Basics Needs Programs and Initiatives

· Cal Poly Smoke & Tobacco Free Policy

· COVID-19 Communications & Outreach


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