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Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

Campus Health & Wellbeing provides information, evaluation and treatments regarding your sexual and reproductive health needs.

We see students for many different reasons. Whether it’s pelvic pain, trouble with your current birth control, a discharge, burning when you pee, rectal pain, irregular periods, erectile issues, relationship problems, yeast infections, bladder infections, STIs or anything else. We support you in any choice that you make, including being sexually active or choosing abstinence.

Please call or schedule online with one of our medical providers.

Appointments for services are encouraged to best meet each student's needs. Please visit the Health and Counseling Portal to schedule an appointment or call 805-756-1211 for Health Services or 805-756-2511 for Counseling Services.

  • Contraception consultation – a discussion of all types of birth control and what would work best for you, and a prescription if needed.
  • Contraception management – we prescribe and refill oral birth control, patches, ring, and the shot. Currently, we refer off-campus for IUD or implants.
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Pregnancy Options Counseling – a discussion of all options available to a patient after a positive pregnancy test, including continuing the pregnancy, parenting or adoption plans, and abortion.
  • Emergency contraception (make an appointment with a provider or Plan B is available over the counter at our pharmacy).
  • Medication abortion services available up to 10 weeks gestation.

Medication Abortion

How to Access

  • To ensure that you receive timely care, please call 805-756-1211 to schedule a Pregnancy Testing nurse visit.
    • You can state your reason for visit as “Pregnancy Testing” or “Pregnancy Options” if you are not yet certain how you would like to proceed, or “Medication Abortion” if you have already decided you would like an abortion. If you walk in, you can choose "Pregnancy Testing and Nursing Services" or "Abortion Nursing Services" when you check in.
  • Once a pregnancy is confirmed, your nurse can schedule an Options Consultation with a provider either on the same day or within 1-2 business days.


  • Patients can expect to pay between $44 - $80 for this service, depending on certain medical conditions. This pricing is possible due to private grant funding and is subject to change in the future.


  • Available to patients up to 10 weeks gestation (70 days from your last menstrual period)
  • Patients can expect to have two in-person appointments at the Health Center, plus follow up care
    1. The first appointment is a nurse visit to confirm the pregnancy with lab tests,
    2. The second appointment will be a consultation with a medical provider to discuss pregnancy and/or abortion options.

Patient Education for Pregnancy Options:



Sexual assault assessment

  • We work closely with Safer and provide medical services for any concerns related to sexual assault or intimate partner violence. Upon the patient’s consent, we also refer to the San Luis Obispo County Suspected Abuse Response Team (SART) and our community partners at Lumina Alliance. If you would feel more comfortable meeting confidentially with a Safer advocate before your medical appointment, please contact Safer or schedule on their appointment page first.

Sexually transmitted disease prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment

  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV (PrEP treatment)
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis for known exposure to a STI (PEP treatment)
  • STI Self Order Testing
  • STI consultation with a medical provider
  • Condom distribution

Gender Affirming Care

  • Hormone therapy and referrals

Vaccinations for STI-acquired infections

  • Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and HPV series

Cancer screening

  • Pap smear for those who have a cervix at age 21 or older



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