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Specialty Clinics

Reproductive Health

  • If you have never had a pelvic exam/Pap before, we would like to let you know about an optional educational session. If you wish, you may schedule a "Pre-Pelvic Exam - Peer Consultation" with a Peer Health Educator. The educator will review the pelvic exam/Pap process and can give you information about birth control options and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This session is free of charge and confidential.  You may schedule a “Pre-Pelvic Exam – Peer Consultation" by calling (805) 756-6181. 
  • A reproductive health appointment can be scheduled online via the Health Center Portal or by calling the Health Center during regular business hours at (805) 756-1211.

Travel Clinic 

  • By appointment only. 
  • Students who will travel internationally have the opportunity to receive health advice specifically tailored to their itinerary.
  • Many of the CDC required and/or recommended immunizations and prescriptions specific to your destination(s) are available.
  • You must bring a complete itinerary of your travel plans and your immunization records to your appointment.
  • Please call (805) 756-1211 to schedule an appointment. Remember that many immunizations are given in series over several months. Plan ahead and schedule your appointment as soon as possible so all of your requirements can be completed before departure.

Physical Exams Required by Outside Agency

  • By appointment only.
  • A physical exam is required for any medical documentation involving the completion of a form or statement of good health.
  • Physicals are scheduled in two parts: A preliminary exam with a nurse and a physical exam with a member of our medical provider staff (nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or physician).
  • Following this preliminary appointment, the nurse will schedule your second appointment with a medical provider for the completion of the physical.
  • There is a $25 fee for the completed physical plus additional fees for outside labs, if needed. These fees will be due at the first appointment.
  • Please call (805) 756-1211 to schedule the preliminary appointment. Any required paperwork or forms must be brought to this first appointment.

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