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Campus Health & Wellbeing Solidarity Statement

Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives

Campus Health & Wellbeing affirms our commitment to recognize and address all forms of racism. As medical, mental health, and wellbeing professionals, it is our calling to support the physical and psychological wellbeing of students and the campus community. We are committed to the continued education of our community against racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and transphobia. We are dedicated to standing up, taking action, and advocating for social justice.      

We stand in solidarity with our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students in calling for justice for the many whose lives have been lost to the violence of racism; we denounce the rise of overt anti-Asian racism and xenophobia surrounding COVID-19; and decry the recent Health and Human Services ruling, re-affirming our commitment to providing affirming services to all Cal Poly students, inclusive of all gender or sexual identities.   

Campus Health & Wellbeing is critically examining our services and values as an organization. In our pursuit to serve all students, we need to meet the needs of our most marginalized, including BIPOC, undocumented, and LGBTQIA+ students. We plan to engage our students, staff, and faculty and we will work to incorporate an action plan by Fall 2020.   

If you are in need of support, consider calling Counseling Services at (805) 756-2511 to speak to a Counselor.  


Educational Material


Cal Poly Resources:

Office of University Diversity & Inclusion: Educational Resources

Employee and Organization Development:  Learn and Grow Diversity Toolkit

Additional Support Resources:

Counseling Services (Cal Poly Campus Health & Wellbeing)

Cal Poly Dream Center

24-Hour Confidential Resources

Reporting Options: 

Cal Poly Office of Equal Opportunity

Bias Incident Response Team

Cal Poly Police Department

San Luis Obispo Police Department






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