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Assessment and Testing

Also see the DRC’s Local Clinician page, which lists additional services local clinicians provide (e.g., educational therapy, individual executive functioning support/coaching).


Department of Rehabilitation

Offers no cost testing to people who have a disability or believe they have a disability.  
Primary Contact for College Students in San Luis Obispo:

PEAKS Clinic
*Offers a free phone call to discuss services
Jessica Kaczorowski, PhD
Taylor Smith, PhD
1411 Marsh Street #202, SLO
1 mile from Cal Poly

Louise Sawyer, Licensed Educational Psychologist
Mindful Psychology San Luis Obispo
1461 Higuera Street, Suite D, SLO
1 mile from Cal Poly

Bobby Tehrani, PsyD
*Offers a free 15-minute consultation
684 Higuera St, Suite C, SLO
2 miles from Cal Poly

Central Coast Evaluation Services
Rebecca Aponte, PhD
Jacqueline King, PsyD
Roxanne Rassti, PhD
4251 South Higuera St., Suite 800, SLO
5 miles from Cal Poly

Laurel Olvera, PhD
*Offers a free 15-minute consultation
Various locations in SLO County

Megan Payer, PhD
Rising Sun Psychological Services
Grover Beach
About 16 miles from Cal Poly

Laurie Ferguson, PsyD
Spark Psychological Services
5975 Entrada Ave, Atascadero
18 miles from Cal Poly

Total Spectrum Counseling 
Joel Schwartz, PsyD 
Amaris Avellan, PhD 
Timothy Cooper, PsyD 
Brittany Boveé Schwartz, LCSW
318 E Branch St, Arroyo Grande 
18 miles from Cal Poly 

National list of University Clinics
*May offer a lower-cost evaluation for Learning Disability or ADHD
*None in SLO County


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