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Let's Talk

What is Let's Talk?

A free, confidential, one-on-one, drop-in opportunity to informally consult with a Counseling Services mental health provider. Let’s Talk is not therapy, but you can talk about anything on your mind, share something that recently took place, or ask questions/seek guidance (e.g., how to help a friend, how to seek services, wanting to learn more about a coping skill). We help one student at a time, so there may be a brief waiting period to be seen.



Let’s Talk 

Wednesdays, 2 PM-2:50 PM  at 172H - yakʔitʸutʸu Hall Conference Room

Thursdays, 2-2:50 PM via zoom:

If you have any questions about Let’s Talk please email Ryan Shurson.

Date Provider Date Provider Date Provider Date Provider
Wed 10/4 (In Person) Cheri Love, LMFT Wed 10/25 (In Person) TBA Wed 11/15 (In Person) Mayra Lopez, LCSW Wed 12/13 (In Person) Ryan Shurson, LMFT
Thursday 10/5 (Zoom) TBA Thursday 10/26 (Zoom) Alison Aylward, PhD Thursday 11/16 (Zoom) Shawna Dobson, LPCC Thursday 11/14 (Zoom) Shala Cole, PsyD
Wed 10/11 (In Person) Ryan Shurson, LMFT Wed 11/1 (In Person) Cheri Love, LMFT Wed 11/29 (In Person) Mayra Lopez, LCSW    
Thursday 10/12 (Zoom) Shawna Dobson, LPCC Thursday 11/2 (Zoom) Ben Campos, LMFT Thursday 11/30 (Zoom) Allison Parker, LMFT    
Wed 10/18 (In Person) Shala Cole, PsyD Wed 11/8 (In Person) TBA Wed 12/6 (In Person) Cheri Love, LMFT    
Thursday 10/19 (Zoom) Shala Cole, PsyD Thursday 11/9 (Zoom) Allison Parker, LMFT Thursday 12/7 (Zoom) Alison Aylward, PhD    

*Providers may be subject to change

Let’s Talk: Anything & Everything  


Let’s Talk: Anything & Everything is designed for students with marginalized identities who want to meet with therapists committed to inclusion, cultural humility, and to doing their own internal work to challenge cultural and/or privileged biases.   

We understand that many communities have rightful mistrust of the medical and mental health fields due to past and present injustices and disparities of care. Along with that, there are communities where discussing emotional health may feel especially vulnerable or would be something family members might not support. We honor the difficulties and obstacles that can arise when trying to access care, so we have created this informal, casual space to connect.  

We thank Student Diversity & Belonging and the Disability Resource Center for their collaboration on this space.  

If you have any questions prior to dropping into Let’s Talk: A&E please email Dr. Sarah Colwell

Date Provider Date Provider Date Provider Date Provider
9/22 Shala Cole, PsyD 10/20 Amber Clemmons-Trigueros, LMFT 12/1 Conrad Mendoza, LMFT      
9/29 Cheri Love, LMFT 10/27 Allison Parker, LMFT 12/8 Ana Cabezas, PsyD    
10/6 Kimberli Andridge, PsyD 11/3 Cheri Love, LMFT 12/15 Amber Clemmons-Trigueros,LMFT    
10/13 Diana Menedez, PsyD 11/17 Ana Cabezas, PsyD        

*Providers May Be Subject to Change


Wednesdays, 11/08 and 12/13 at 3:10- 4PM

UndocuTalk is a space for students who are undocumented, from mixed status families, and their allies who want to speak with therapists (Ana Cabeza, PsyD and Diana Menendez, PsyD) who have gone through UndocuAlly training and work closely with the Dream Center. 

If you have any questions prior to dropping into UndocuTalk please email Dr. Ana Cabezas.


Let's Talk: Graduate Students

Fridays 11:10-12pm

Virtually on October 13th, November 3rd, & December 1st at

In-Person on October 27th, November 17th, & December 8th at at Graduate Education Building 52, D27

Meet with Shawna Dobson, LPCC (she/hers) for an informal consultation that is free, confidential and one-on-one with a mental health professional from Counseling Services. Held on various Fridays throughout the quarter, with options for meeting in person at Graduate Education or virtually on Zoom. I meet one student at a time, so there may be a brief waiting period to be seen. Questions? Email Shawna Dobson, LPCC at

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