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Couples/Partner Therapy

Couples/Partner Therapy is when you and your partner(s) meet with one therapist with a focus on the relationship between or among the partners. Each session is typically 50 minutes long.  All members of the couple/partnership are expected to attend each session, though the therapist may ask to meet individually with any member of the couple/partnership as clinically needed. Note that individual treatment may be indicated if one (or more) members of the couple have other concerns that only pertain to them, or would best be explored individually. 

Couples of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship constructions are welcome!  All members of the couple/partnership must be registered students at the time of service. There is no charge for couple/partner therapy at Cal Poly – your student health fees cover this service. 

Call us today at 805-756-2511 to get started. 

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