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Made for Mustangs: Webinars, Articles, Videos

Mental Health Webinars

Counseling Services offers mental health webinars regularly throughout the year.  Check out our events on CP NOW or our Special Events page to find more information about offerings this quarter!  Previous seminars are organized by topic below.  Feel free to use these recordings with your group, club, or organization! Access them using your Cal Poly ID

1. Body Image and You (Watch|Slides)

2. Healing Childhood Trauma for Healthy Relationships (Watch|Slides)

3. Life Satisfaction (Watch|Slides|Happiness House Exercise)

4. Loss, Grieving, and Mourning (Watch|Slides

5. Managing Homesickness (Watch|Slides)

6Red Folder Training: Helping a Student in Crisis (Watch|Slides)

7. See Something, Say Something, Do Something - Responding to Mental Health Crises (Watch|Slides)

8. Stress Survival for Graduate Students (Watch)

9. Test Anxiety (Watch|Slides|Summary)

Psychoeducational Articles

Escaping the Bear: Using Your Body to Confuse Your Anxiety

Mindfulness Tools

A few of our counselor-faculty created videos to teach mindfulness skills.  Check them out and share with your friends!

Dropping Anchor

Mindful Moment

Balloon Buddy

Recognition, Insight, Openness (Self-guided Mindfulness Workshop)

Recognition, Insight, Openness (just the Mindfulness Exercises)

Free Mental Health App for Cal Poly Students

Have you heard about our free app for Cal Poly Students that teaches mental health skills for a variety of mental health concerns. Learn more about Welltrack Boost


Additional Information

Interested in Other Self-help Apps, checkout apps Cal Poly students have endorsed as being helpful here

We also have a Psychological Education Page dedication to other mental health resources for our students on a variety of topics (such as sleep, being a student athlete, sexual assault resources, grief resources, and more)

The following are additional resources:

Academic Leaves at Cal Poly 

Anxiety & Depression Association of America 

College Autism Network 

Succeeding in College with ADHD 

Recovering Emotionally from a Disaster 

National Eating Disorders Association 

How to Be Alone 

The Jed Foundation 

It Gets Better Project 

The Trevor Project 

Self Injury & Recovery Resources  

Stress Relief 


Test Anxiety from Humboldt State 

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