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Counseling Services Outreach promotes positive mental health on campus and advocates for student wellbeing. We are committed to increasing the accessibility of mental health support, particularly for historically marginalized students and communities on campus.  Specifically, we aim to create more avenues for students to receive mental health support, not only in our therapy rooms, but throughout the campus at large.  Cultivating spaces where students feel they belong, are celebrated for all the identities they hold, and can learn about ways to support other Mustangs are key goals for our outreach team. 

To accomplish these goals, we will: 

  • Support students as they work toward their academic and personal goals 
  • Build substantive partnerships with campus departments and student groups 
  • Share knowledge and resources related to mental health 
  • Provide tailored trainings for faculty, staff, and student groups in collaboration with other members of the CH&W team 
  • Show up for students in ways that are relevant and meaningful, especially in the wake of crises or tragedy 

Request Outreach 

To request an outreach presentation, training, or other mental health related event, please select the link below and fill out the Outreach Request form.  Also check out our Presentation Database [coming soon!] for ready-made content for your group. 

It's best to plan at least 2-3 weeks ahead of your event date so we can hold provider schedules and work with you to tailor the request.  Requests received within 2 weeks of an event date may not be feasible to accommodate. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Amber Clemmons-Trigueros (

Fill out the request form 



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