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Diversity & Inclusion Task Force

About The Diversity & Inclusion Task Force:

The Diversity & Inclusion Task Force (DITF) is a group of Counseling Services providers who are passionate about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. DITF was developed with the goal of reducing barriers and increasing accessibility to equitable and responsive care for individuals in marginalized communities. We strive to empower and uplift the voices of people who experience marginalization. We are committed to advocacy and activism that furthers change within the intersecting systems of mental health, public health, and social justice.

Current Task Force Members: Allison Parker, LMFT, Amber Clemmons-Trigueros, LMFT, Ana Cabezas, PsyD Ben Campos, LMFT, Cheri Love, LMFT, Conrad Mendoza, LMFT, Diana Menendez, PsyD, Jennifer Armstrong, PsyD, Mayra Lopez, LCSW, Sarah J. Colwell, PsyD, Shala Cole, PsyD

Our Vision:

Campus & Community Engagement:

The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force strives to foster systemic change that promotes equitable services for all Cal Poly students. The DITF continues to create new avenues for connection with staff members that work to support the wellbeing of marginalized students. We value creating partnerships, as many of our referrals come from those on campus who students trust. In addition, DITF aims to increase the visibility of our staff around campus creating opportunities for students to interact with us in different ways.

As part of our ongoing initiatives to support our students, we are actively seeking avenues to expand collaboration among disciplines that impact student mental health, physical health, and wellbeing. We are hoping to involve all counselors/therapists, as well as increase the involvement of medical staff, health advocates, peer educators, etc. in the DITF mission.

Commitment to Cultural Humility:

The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force is also committed to continued development of our cultural humility, as humans and as therapists. We must engage in our own growth to better serve students from various backgrounds and intersecting identities. To that end, the DITF provides didactic and conversation spaces twice a month to encourage staff to examine and challenge their own biases and gain understanding of systemic oppression that members of our community face.

Increased Representation:

DITF understands the importance of representation. In collaboration with the Counseling Services Leadership Team, we are committed to advocating for inclusive hiring practices including recruitment and engagement with clinicians who hold marginalized identities. Specifically, in the 2022-2023 Academic Year, Counseling Services plans recruited three new counselors who will specialize in supporting the mental health needs of BIPOC students.

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