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Counseling Services Believes...


No person is illegal.

Black lives matter.

Stop Asian hate.

Gender is not binary.

Disability is diversity.

Love is love.

Feminism is for all.

Time’s up.

Identities intersect.


All humans have value, regardless of productivity, income, or wealth.

Systems of oppression have a greater impact on marginalized identities and more so for those holding multiple marginalized identities.

Historical and current marginalization impacts mental health and leads to distrust of health institutions.

Mental health treatment is only one pathway to healing.

Belonging is one factor correlated to wellbeing and flourishing.

All students deserve equitable access to care.

Culturally responsive therapy is foundational to providing appropriate, individualized care.

Pursuing justice and challenging injustices are a part of our obligation as mental health professionals.

Being genuinely engaged with campus communities can help build relationships and, in time, trust.

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