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Depression Education



Physical Mental Personal Interpersonal
Loss of energy Hopelessness Feelings of Guilt Social withdrawal
Persistent lethargy Suicidal thoughts Indecisiveness Irritability
Unexplained pains Prolonged sadness Inability to enjoy former interests                                        
Unexplained aches Unexplained crying spells Feelings of worthlessness  
Significant appetite changes Inability to concentrate    
Significant changes in sleep patterns Indifference    

Facts About Depression

  • Depression strikes nearly 20 million Americans each year.
  • Two-thirds of people suffering from depression do not seek the necessary treatment.
  • The suicide rate is as high as 15% for people with untreated severe depression.
  • Treatment works. More than 80% of all people with clinical depression who receive proper treatment significantly improve their lives.
  • Screenings are often times the first step in getting help.


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