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Self-Care While You Wait for An Appointment


Congratulations on taking an important step towards your wellbeing!  Counseling Services continue to do everything we can to make the wait as short as possible. While you wait for your appointment, there are many options you can try to alleviate some of the distress you may be experiencing.  Please consider the following options:

Lifestyle Changes:

  • Talk to supportive friends or family members.
  • Establish/Maintain regular sleep habits (e.g., consistent bedtime; 7-9 hours of rest each night).
  • Eat nutritious food regularly (this helps maintain positive mood).
  • Do some kind of physical activity you enjoy (e.g., taking a long walk, playing a sport).
  • Avoid use of substances as a way to self-medicate.
  • Find healthy activities that are relaxing or soothing for you (e.g., listen to music, meditate, color).


University Offerings:

  • Peer Health Educators at PULSE are available to listen and provide support regarding Mental Wellbeing (REAL), Alcohol & Drug Education (TLC), Nutrition (HEAT) and Sexual Wellbeing (EROS) (first floor of the Health Center;
  • Contact the San Luis Obispo Counseling Service at Cal Poly (Building 2, Room 125).  You can reach them at 805-756-1532. Leave a message with good times to contact you and they will call you back with appointment options.
  • Contact a community provider.  See our referral list here or see information about all of the providers in SLO here.

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